People who broadcast with Twitch overlay their broadcasts with graphics that contain various information, from social media handles, to follower and donation information, or even simple timers showing how long the broadcast has been live. Current solutions provide overlay layers that are often static, obscure parts of the broadcast, and even distract viewers from the broadcast and require expensive streaming PCs.

What it does

Overlay Expert is the first solution that allows you to create dynamic overlays for your broadcasts. With over 60 animations to choose from, layers contents can swap, change and scroll, while the layers themselves can peek and hide. Overlays are created using an online overlay builder and stored online, so your overlay is always available when you are ready to go live.

Our Twitch Extension allows streamers to stream from anywhere - even consoles - with an overlay and without the need for an expensive streaming PC.

  • Are you a new streamer and don't have a beast streaming PC?
  • Are you streaming from your console, or mobile device?
  • Are you tired of setting up your overlay every time you stream?
  • Are you losing precious CPU resources running your overlay while you stream?
  • Do you just want a better overlay?

Over 12,000 streamers use our Twitch Extension every day! So if you've answered yes to any of the above, the Overlay Expert Twitch Extension is just for you!


For the Channel Points Hackathon, we have added the ability to add Channel Points Redemption alert layers, giving broadcasters and their viewers another way to showcase Channel Points. Channel Points Redemption alert layers can display the name of the viewer who redeemed channel points, reward title, reward prompt, maximum number of redemptions per stream and current number of redemptions this stream.

Note: Extension will be updated to support Channel Points Redemption alerts soon. Preview can be found here:

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