The average response time for a stack overflow question is 7.81 days (with standard deviation of 58.23 days). We thought that we can do better than that. With inspiration from other platforms such as Gitter and freeCodeCamp, we decided to make a web application that accelerates and betters the Q&A process.

What it does

Overflowing allows users to post questions, and brings questions to the users whose expertise matches with the questions' content. This occurs as a live newsfeed on the user's dashboard, and allows the flow of information to be super quick and clear. If a user wishes to answer a question, he/she can user our web app to launch a Skype conversation with the asker and use screenshare to effectively communicate with the asker.

How I built it

Frontend : HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, ReactJS, Javascript Backend : Firebase

Challenges I ran into

Making React run as intended Querying Firebase effectively

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works!!

What I learned

Firebase is pretty damn powerful

What's next for Overflowing - Real Time Collaboration

Further user interaction with questions - setting the to active/inactive, deleting questions, notification system ...

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