ETHDenver: Overflow

At ETHDenver, the representing MyCrypto team launched Overflow: A platform for developer tooling. **A big *thanks to the ETHDenver volunteers for making the event as gratifying and overall *fun as it was. We’d also like to give a big welcome to ETHGlobal and can’t wait for more events!

We’ve spent the last year re-implementing the MyCrypto production codebase. Along the way, we’ve developed internal tooling that we’re really excited to share with the wider blockchain developer community. With Overflow, we’re publishing a series of packages on npm as well as a sample application composing them. Stay tuned — they’re coming soon!

These tools include:

  1. typ3: typesafe contract interaction

  2. typ3-cli: auto-generate typescript declaration files from JSON ABI

  3. shepherd: client-side JSON-RPC node²-balancing

  4. drawbridge: SPA release management and verification

Although these tools are not ready for production usage, we’re working hard on getting them up to “mainnet” caliber. We welcome open-source contributions, and we hope you’re as excited about these tools and libraries as we are!

So what do these tools really do?

drawbridge: Independently verify your production builds for web. Drawbridge leverages deterministic builds to verify that your production build is what you expect you expect it to be, especially when minification means you can’t (and shouldn’t!) check for yourself.

Subresource Integrity will only get you so far ;)

Although sub-resource integrity hashes allows you to ensure that your external scripts haven’t been tampered with, they don’t prevent malware from injecting malicious code into your production bundle at build time.

A real pull request using drawbridge and an easter egg if you can find it

typ3** & typ3-cli: **Dynamically construct a fully-typed object representation of any given ABI, including methods for encoding, decoding, and calling the contract. typ3 and typ3-cli have been re-written from the ground up since our last major push during ETHWaterloo, and we’re dedicating resources to getting these tools production ready soon™.

shepherd: Ensure high-availability for your JSON-RPC calls while improving user-experience. Shepherd automatically cancels calls that are taking too long to respond and executes them against fresh node infrastructure. Shepherd is incredibly configurable — you can set filters on node infrastructure to ensure that sensitive JSON-RPC calls are contained, dynamically bias against poorly performing node infrastructure, and more!

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