What it does

NIC Hawaii develops online services to help citizens do business with the state or county 24/7 from anywhere without having to visit agency offices.

With the following Covid-19 pandemic, it can be hard to quickly find answers with so much information available. With the Covid-19 chatbot, citizens can get answers to critical Covid-19 questions easily, quickly, and at any time of the day. This application provides an easy way to access COVID-19 related information to residents and visitors of Hawai'i.

How this Project was built

This project was built using Meteor.js and MongoDB. Google Cloud's DialogFlow was used to create the chatbot AI

Because this project uses api keys, authentication is required to run the project. You can receive the credentials by messaging one of us on slack (@Irene Ma, @Eric Lam, @Shane Severino, @Alyssandra Cabading ). Once you receive the file, create a config folder outside of the app directory and place the file inside the config folder.

Running The Project

This project uses meteor to run the site, so first install meteor onto your OS:

OSX/Linux curl https://install.meteor.com/ | sh

Windows choco install meteor

After installing meteor and cloning the repository onto your local computer, cd into the app/ directory and install third party libraries with $ meteor npm install

Now you can run the system with $ meteor npm run start

The app should now be running at http://localhost:3000/

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posted an update

We've updated with some brand new features! Now you can view, add, and delete chatbot responses directly from the app! We also put in some visual updates to add some pizzazz to our app. Please try it and let us know what you think!

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