Why are all JavaScripts written for either developers or webmasters? Why are no JavaScripts developed for end-users?

The answer is simple: there is no way for the end user to load JavaScripts … until now!

What it does

Users Instead of hoping that the webmaster of the page you visit included the tools you wanted to use you can now load them yourself. OverDriveJS is loaded as a bookmarklet directly on the page you visit and from there you can load any script available through OverDriveJS!

Developers Developers can now create JavaScripts directly with the end user in mind. No need to try and make the script attractive for webmaster out of fear of being left out - go straight to the end user!

Everybody A pure JavaScript solution that will replace the need for many browser plugins and enable new features.

How we built it

We built a simple bookmarklet that loads a menu and interfaces. The backend is written as en extension of Wordpress (for simplicity) with a API supplying a list of available JavaScript. New scripts are registered in Wordpress.

Everyone can use OverDriveJS. It should not require a single line of visible code to install! Video guide included.

Every developer can extend OverDriveJS. The smallest plugin right now is 21 bytes! You can probably make smaller but they might not be useful. Check out the development section for a Hello World example!

Challenges we ran into

Working with many sources of scripts and in a “hostile” environment of an unknown page did put up a lot of challenges. There where conflict of standard frameworks like jQuery being loaded in different versions. We had CSS that completely screwed up our menu. Some scripts just wouldn’t work even how much effort we poured into them.

We had to cut corners and pick the easiest targets first.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

Being able to load OverDriveJS on practically any site we visit feels great. Seeing it bounce up on a mobile phone was also a great feeling.

OverDriveJS opens up a whole new way of thinking of how to develop JavaScripts. This project have opened our minds in thinking about what we can develop.

The plugin we really are most proud of and was hardest to pull off was the “form copy” plugin. This plugin lets you copy a form and paste it back into another form. This also lets you save a form and then refill it later with the data you have entered thus far.

What we learned

Even simple things can turn out very complex. Actually especially simple things can become very complex!

What’s next for OverDriveJS

More plugins! More tools! Make users able to share the scripts they create with their friends and make user supplied scripts open to public somehow (review process or similar required).

Support for SSL/TLS since otherwise the plugins can't be loaded on sites using encrypted traffic.

Better plugin interface where the developer can get more control over when and how their plugins are executed.

Highscore lists for which plugins are popular on which sites.

Further reading

Tutorials posted at our YoutTube channel: OverDriveJS tutorials


Some of the plugins available through OverDriveJS in this demo are part of frameworks and products developed independently and where NOT developed by us. We included these to show that both new development and integration of current frameworks can be done on the platform we have created.

Developed by us during the 24 hours where:

  • OverDriveJS platform
  • OverDriveJS website
  • OverDriveJS youtube channel
  • OverDriveJS facebook
  • plugin: form copy
  • plugin: hello world
  • plugin: no iframes
  • plugin: work read mode
  • plugin: day/night
  • plugin: image easy download
  • plugin: SEO-info

The following plugins where largely "ports" of existing frameworks and products to OverDriveJS platform:

  • plugin: lightbox
  • plugin: kickassapp
  • plugin: floppybird


...did we mention everything is hosted live at Amazon EC2 right now? Go try us out! Both users and developers can use the platform!

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