Learning to code can seem overwhelming and unaproachable - especially to women.

The true definition of augmentation is making something larger by adding to something. We are augmenting more women into tech by putting innovatively adding two things which have not yet been together 'visual novels' and 'education'.

With a common complaint of coding being the boring format and lack of care for UX, why not put the user first and make something fun, memorable and eyecatching?

There is a large market for visual novels using the same software as us such as Doki Doki Literature Club and Mystic Messenger. The sales figures have shown this is a large market and an effective way of storytelling so why not use it for a fun and intuitive learning experience?

What it does

We were able to create a game that allows you to interact with programming languages as humans. You learn through repetition, humour and positive feedback how to code. There will be interactive mini games and scenes that through talking and interacting with these characters, they can correct your errors in your code and make you repeat it untill you get it correct. Our demo introduces you to variables and the basic syntax of python and javascript.

How we built it

Using a complicated python library called 'RenPy' we are able to create a functional game. RenPy is especially powerful and allows us the ability to have full customisation and code minigames and functions using python. This allowed us to create an immersive learning experience that could react to the user inputs correctly and help them learn their code in the selected language correctly. RenPy is compatible with android, linux, windows, HTML and much more so it has lots of potential on many different platforms. We implemented our own art using the Clip Studio Paint software on our laptops. The music is AI generated using relevant prompts we put into ''

Challenges we ran into

Using github as a team for the first time, we ran into challenges but managed to not only develop our github skills but our ability to collaborate on a project. Having never used RenPy before we not only had to familiarise ourselves with its syntax but also python syntax and work out how to develop one file together as a team.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating fully functional demo level that can teach you either javascript or python variables. Creating a large range of character icons and customising the GUI to show our theme. Creating working functions that can recognise your code and tell you if its correct or not

What we learned

How to use github as a team How to create AI generated music How to use Python How to use Renpy How to scale files and images Using Python librarys and script pug-ins Debugging Teamwork

What's next for Learn Coding the Visual Novel

Work to develop more chapters

Built With

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