What is Over It?

  • Over It is a personalizable, mobile AR experience built to help users let go of difficult experiences from their past by amplifying the visualization process used in exposure therapy.

How did Over It come to be?

  • Sandra, one of our beloved group members, brought up a story from her past of a difficult breakup that she still hadn’t been able to let go of completely.
  • Whilst brainstorming together about what sorts of things we could work on, we kept coming back to Sandra’s story and how challenging it can be to come to terms with these kinds of events in life.
  • Arjun, our fantastic engineer, is equipped with an abundance of experience working in AR and, thus, the idea of building a guided visualization tool in AR came to be.

What are our goals for Over it?

  • Create a ritual to let go of emotional pain and take back power
  • Build an empowered stance for the users
  • Relieve users from perpetual fight response

How would a typical user use Over It?

The experience that we’ve built is split into a number of different steps

  • Choose symbols to represent happy memories and create a safe space
  • Place those symbols in their environment
  • Choose a symbol to represent the difficult memory
  • Prompt the beginning of the guided meditation process
  • Complete the guided meditation
  • Come to terms with their chosen experience(s)
  • Symbolically let those memories go

By giving users the ability to build their environment and choose their own symbolic representations we empower them to process their experiences in a safe space. We expect that users will revisit Over It again when they would like more support in working through trauma.

What’s next for Over It?

Plans to add the following to the app Reward

  • Celebrate working through your trauma
  • More positive associations for the user Sharing
  • Share with others what you’ve accomplished
  • Encourage them to follow the same process if it could help them
  • Reach out to someone else to see if they need support

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