The only thing Tyler and I hate more than organizing trips, is bailing on them last minute because... well, because of any excuse we could find!

What it does

OuttaHere organises trips for you, either in your city or abroad, and let's you pay your air fare and restaurant bills in escrow to make sure you take that trip!

OuttaHere recommends, restaurants, cafes, parks, hotels, flights and even organises Uber lifts and estimates their price before you even know you need them.

If you choose to "guarantee" your adventure by paying in escrow, all you need to do is email us proof of your adventure (receipts and plane tickets) and we'll refund you ASAP!

How we built it

OuttaHere is powered under the hood with Yelp's powerful review system, Google Map's geocoding, Uber's price and travel time estimators. We also use powerful SITA flight apis to get nearby airports.

Our colourful and speedy interface was built entirely in React, using HTML5 Geolocation to pin point where you are so we can tell you where you're going.

Challenges we ran into

Sleepiness was hard to fight! Neither of us slept for about 48hours ;)

Technically, managing the additive latency of using multiple APIs several times per "adventure fabrication".

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned a lot about writing dynamic interfaces that create meaningful experiences with the user. Each step on the website (only 3 for user convenience!) has a background colour change, and important decisions (like the one to place in escrow) result in dark colour changes to give a sense of importance (and excitement!) to the decision.

What we learned

We learned a lot about React (it's our first big project using it!) and we learned a lot about the (amazing!) Yelp and Uber APIs (which we also never used before).

What's next for OuttaHere!

Next up is integrating expedia and Braintree escrow APIs.

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