We want people to empathize with the world and remain connected with the mood of the world.

How it works

oUTSIDEiN is a smart phone case. You could put it on your phone to get an early warning of something big happening somewhere in the world The phone case works with the help of an android app, RGB LED lights, a micro controller. It searches for keywords from the popular feed of twitter and runs it through an android app we designed. It then decides the average mood of the earth and blinks the corresponding RGB LED's in the phone case.

Challenges we ran into

Hardware components were not available. Debugging the app was difficult.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

There isn't any product out in the market which can tell the mood of the world. Even though the social media can feed you on the latest trending posts, you can't always be on it.

Set it to connect to any wireless network and carry it around in the streets, stopping strangers to explain to them that you have managed to capture the world's mood and have it locked in this here box.

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