My APP is called Outreach CRM. It is a para-transit customer relation management app. My daughter uses Outreach and describes the difficulties she experiences scheduling and taking rides. Often vehicles don't arrive for hours after the scheduled times and she has to keep contacting Outreach and wait at the pickup location. The target of this APP is all Outreach customers.

This APP doesn't use any API's or VTA data because it isn't available. It could be linked to those sources if they become available. The APP generates all the data used. This data is basically customer profiles containing Name Address, Phone, Email, etc. A trip database with pickup dates and times, pickup location destination location, etc.

The application is intended to turn Outreach into a customer oriented service by making customer interface as simple as possible and keep the customer informed about their rides. Ride status email or SMS would be sent to keep the rider informed about the actual estimated arrival of the vehicle.

A real application would also provide a dispatch / central application that monitored operations and aided in efficient routing of vehicles. In addition, a Driver APP would be needed. It would provide the pickup and destination data to the driver with maps and turn by turn routing. It would also record begin, pickup and delivery times. The application could utilize any existing data such as the Salesforce data that VTA is being implemented for customer data. If there is scheduling data available it could be used.

Para transit riders have enough problems with transit services and simplifying their interactions with Outreach would surely make them happier customers.

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