Detect how other people are feeling around you, in real time, as they walk by.

Thanks to modern social networking like facebook, we are able to view how other people are feeling around the world (through status updates, etc.).

But what about the people right next to you, who may need a reach out right now?

Imagine being able to detect how someone else is feeling as soon as they walk by. Outreach offers the opportunity for us all to come together and help others, effectively and anonymously.

Outreach utilizes Bluetooth technology to automatically detect people around you. You will receive live push notification updates telling you how they feel.

Key Features:

  • bluetooth automated proximity detection (no gps, no check-in)
  • detection radius 30 - 40 meters
  • peer 2 peer messaging
  • saved contacts
  • anonymity
  • free advice and support from your peers! : )

Target Market:

  • anyone, but mostly 13 - 35 year olds. the younger generation would be more inclined to adopt this technology towards social networking (at least)
  • you could even start with little kids and encourage them to feel for others from the beginning.


  • the belief that most people do want to help other people out. perhaps providing an easier way to do so, would encourage those to 'act' more, instead of just 'wanting to act'.


  • Open the Outreach app
  • Select how you are feeling
  • Type a reason why you are feeling this way (optional)
  • Click submit

You will then automatically start detecting other users as you walk around. When you detect someone, you will receive a push notification letting you know how they feel. You may then choose to send a private message offering words of encouragement or inspiration, and so on.

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