As a senior in high school, I see a lot of my friends leaving their homes late at night to go to parties or engage in other inappropriate activities. I know that these activities are not good for the health of our future generation, so I wanted to create an application that will decrease the chance of teenager 'house-escape.'

What it does

OuTrack creates a geofence around a user's home and sends an email to the parent once their child has exited the premises. Next, the parent can ask their amazon alexa to give them precise location updates as to address that their child is.

How I built it

I used's geofencing API to create a geofence around a 'parent's' home and then track when their child leaves the geofence. Next, I used Notivize's API to send an email to the parent to notify them that their child has left the home. Then, we created an Alexa skill to determine the child's exact location by requesting back to our server which converted the child's Lat & Long coordinates (which we received from into an address using Google Maps' reverse geocoding.

Challenges I ran into

I ran into challenges using the Notivize and API. Notivize's SMS API did not function properly so we had to use email instead. We also had trouble using because we used the wrong keys.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are very proud of completing the hackathon project all by ourselves-- more specifically we focused on each portion of the project by ourselves. Although we consulted help with one another, Shayan focused on creating an Alexa skill, while Arman implemented the interface and integrated Notivize notifications.

What I learned

We learned how to implement Notivize notifications to an application and learned how it genuinely saves a lot of time, making it a viable tool for the future. We learned how to create a local server via Express.js to host our website, and we gained general syntax knowledge in Node.js, HTML, and javascript.

What's next for OuTrack

We want to integrate a backend database so that the application will work for numerous users. We also want to finish the feature of our alexa skill requesting back to our server to get the child's location. We also are planning to build a native app in order to make it so a child doesn't need to have our website running all the time in order to get their location updates.

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