Outpour is a social mobile app that lets you write anonymous appreciative messages for people you care about. On Outpour, it is easy and encouraged for you to tell your best friend that he is amazing, your coworker that she rocks, and your hero that she’s changed your life. We are getting more people to say more good things to each other – because people should know they are loved.

The idea originated when Outpour’s creator anonymously wrote his friends frank, heartfelt emails explaining why he loved them. Many of his friends shared these emails with each other, and figured out that he wrote them. Because he wrote anonymously, with no expectation of reward, his messages created incredible joy out of thin air. Outpour lets anyone write that type of message.

Outpour users do two things: First, write messages of gratitude. They can select people from a list of friends, search by username, or create profiles such as “My Favorite Barista.” Second, they can view messages written by and about their friends, as well as popular messages worldwide.

We envision capturing, sharing, and celebrating every happy interaction between people. Kindness is usually a 1-to-1 interaction; we make it a 1-to-many. When someone is wonderful to you, it uplifts you both. Outpour reveals this wonderfulness so it uplifts many more. Thus Outpour sparks the “pay-it-forward” mentality that makes kindness so generative.

Use Outpour to tell people you love them. It takes just a minute, and makes the world a much happier place.

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