For the first brand task 1) “fasten adoption for this new format for consumers" our strategy is "cross-connecting emotions" i.e. to start a #GiftaBodyguardForYourLovedOnes campaign Emotionally touching Ad's where we brand(showcase) our product as a caring gift people give it to the people who they care/love E.g.: A Advertisement where a cute boy breaks his piggy bank and goes to a supermarket alone meanwhile their parents get worried about him. Once he is at the entrance of his home his dad starts shouting. Where have you went suddenly without informing your mom. Then he slowly opens his palm and shows reveals the product to his mom “Fabric Roll on” & the flashback of mosquito biting when gardening is shown and her mom cries . At the end hastags #GiftaBodyGuardTo Mom/Dad/Grandma/Dad/Children. (the last word changes every half second like bill board) #SharingIsCaring Campaigns


And another Adv featuring 3 children gathering their two 10 rs currency notes & one 5 rupee coin and giving it to the shop keeper a sum of 75 rs . Shop keeper gives in return gives a FabricROllOn after which the 3 children run towards a elder man( their apartments watchman) who has a small room and lives with mosquitos and do our 4 dot protection. In the ending #GiftaBodyguardForYourLovedOnes # SharingIsCaring Offline Marketing Execution Strategy: Provide Post-pay options on our product(To be showcased as a personal/secret offer to the shops by our sales team after the shopkeeper finishes his minimum order) We can try this in high cash flowing user areas i.e. Gated Communities and pain facing untidy street/colony areas , Vegetable Bazaar, Drainage Areas. Then the word of mouth marketing catches fire in offices, schools. The strategy is to make sure every shop has our product and tell them to display in the front.

For the second brand task: The strategy is to inject the autoplaying product slogan in customers mind through advertisements Eg: "out of home-tho-FabricRollon ON"

Corporate, school exits with campaign . Where our target coustomers come to a place . A standy to take 4 dot challenge after school exits . Keep the next day for sale

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