In Outlook 2010 there was a button to link a SharePoint meeting workspace site to a meeting request. This was no longer supported in the next versions. My users missed this functionality...

What it does

The Add-in let you link an url to a meeting request/email and show the meeting agenda to the users.

How I built it

We used Visual Studio and shaked it with JavaScript, HTML and some CSS.

Challenges I ran into

The challenge is the fact that the body of the mail has a somewhat strange html markup. We needed some plumbling to fix this.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is my first office add-in build in a few hours. When I'll finish it our users will like it.

What I learned

You can build a powerful application in a few hours.

What's next for Outlook Meeting Workspace App

Provision the teamsite if it does not exists. Upload documents from within the Add in. Use the Exchange REST service to store the information in a Custom Property

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