Spend less time tracking features and more time writing code!

What it does

A simple app that uses the SPO REST API to pull requested features from a SharePoint Online list into an Outlook add-in so that teams can communicate and track upcoming features to their projects.

How I built it

Pure client side HTML/CSS/JS in Visual Studio code, with a SharePoint Online backend list.

Challenges I ran into

Understanding the OAuth2 implicit flow to get an access token for the REST call from a provider hosted app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That I was able to bolt on Office UI Fabric, so that the app looks and feels like a part of Outlook.

What I learned

How awesome client side development is in VS Code.

What's next for Outlook Feature Request Add-in

Writing a backend web application using Azure Tables for data storage to manage the initial feature request process instead of hosting in a SharePoint Online list.

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