Traveling through airlines is comfortable but, it costs good money . so, why don't we create it worth to travel through our airlines and make it personalized and memorable , to make every passenger feel special.

What it does

It is a Personalized Assistant to cater to every need regarding flights, airport experiences and in-flight experiences.

How we built it

we used for Machine Learning and NLP(Natural language Processing) and a custom rails API to act as our database for all query related services.

Challenges we ran into

a lot of work went into making a custom rails API and integrating it seamlessly with lack of work force forced us to be limited to the webApp.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we have created a model which is expandable and can be easily intergerated with any services.

What we learned

we learned a lot about api integration and handling HTTP request.

What's next for outliers_max

Applying this model for the airline crew.

Built With

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