In the modern age it's challenging to find information that isn’t directly influenced by some groups particular opinion. Due to the nature of the media to lean towards one political point of view news is often presented in a way that forces a particular point of view in your face. But if there was a website that could modify the language of an article so we didn’t have to listen to donald trump’s lies. We meant, so we can sift through the worlds fake news easily.

What it does

Our project is a search engine that finds political articles from various sources on a topic chosen by a user. Our website then displays the articles in its original state. A user through the website's focused interface can choose to remove the bias from the article, so that the user may can obtain neutral information. The biased and unbiased articles are then displayed next to each other so that the user may compare the two versions of the article.

How I built it

Utilized a naive based theorem to come up for a custom classification to help identified content. Using text blob machine learning algorithm to be able to create negative dual metric for determining bipartisan sques in information. We then utilize a personally made algorithm that is based in a tree data type to replace the squeeze with neutral perspectives.

Challenges I ran into

Building OutLet came with out of challenges most of which stemmed from building the removal of bias portion of the website. We ran into a problem with one of our training algorithms based on bayes classifier. The data sample we fed the algorithms was too large which caused the algorithm to terminate itself after using up a certain amount of memory. Our solution to fixing this issue was to significantly reduce our sample size.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are extremely proud of our bias analysis engine and test replace algorithm. The algorithm is an extremely complicated strain of thought that was calminated after sevaral hours of conversation and thought.

What I learned

We learned that proper scheduling is an important part of the coding exeproemece. That withou

What's next for OutLet

Expand our user base and

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