We were inspired by the severity of the flu season in Florida. Every year millions of people contract the flu, and become hungry for information on how to better treat the disease

What it does

Outfluenza gives you a full understanding on the effect the flu has in your community, city and state, and helps the user find ways within their communities to treat the disease.

How we built it

Outfluenza is a React Progressive Web Application that leverages four separate data sources for flu information including the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Google Trends, Twitter, and a query for local doctors. We pull the CDC metadata on a weekly basis to find the state infection level for that week, utilize Google Trends information on the latest regional searches for the flu, query for local doctors in the area, and supply a feed of tweets local to you of people experiencing flu like symptoms.

Challenges we ran into

Pulling weekly CDC metadata, parsing and presenting it to the user in a fast consistent manor. Representing data uniformly on mobile and desktop.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The team developed a Progressive Web App for the first time using React. It required a great good amount of learning and understanding, but the results are worth the research.

What we learned

The flu has a strong presence in social media during its season, this could be used to detect its presence without the need of official statistics

What's next for Outfluenza

The team is trying to expand on more functionality and precise analysis.

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