Has it been difficult for you to make friends? Imagine you as a recent college grad moved to Portland to land a job and you are looking for local things to do in town but you find it difficult to find a friend to hang out with. Despite the abundance of social media networks, you are not connected with anyone in Portland. You are open to meet with people who are different from you but you don’t know how to go about finding them. Outer Circle is here to help to "expand their horizons. It helps you to find others who, despite differences, share the same interests as you and connects you to their profiles.

How it works

1) The user logs into the website using their LinkedIn credentials and their profile is pulled into "OuterCircle." 2) They then are asked brief questions to find their interests
3) The app then finds dissimilar people with common interests to the user that they can connect with. 4) These profiles are presented and the user selects who they want to connect with. 5) If a match is made a chat is created between the users allowing them to learn more about each other and plan a meetup, if desired.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenges were time and Installation

Target audience

Social media users looking to connect with new people to expand their horizons.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Creating an innovative way to help people encounter more diversity in their daily lives in a fun and positive way. Fostering connections between unlike people who would not otherwise meet. Allowing people to gain the positive impacts of diversity, such as seeing the world through another’s perceptive, overcoming unconscious biases, and encountering new ideas.

What we learned

We are a diverse group of women - culture, age, skillset and computers used. But we were all able to work together and contribute to the project based on our strengths. We learned that by spending time talking about our project and ideas at the beginning helped with getting every team member invested, as well as being beneficial in finding the areas that they felt most passionate about. We also found that 'the sum is greater than the individual parts' was definitely true for us. The main thing we learned was that putting together a project in 7 hours is a monumental task.

What's next for OuterCircle

The next version of OuterCircle will include Facebook login, so the profiles can be populated with the Facebook profiles so as to include a diverse population. The app will also include geolocation tagging so the people who want to connect can narrow their choices based on location. The users will also be able accumulate badges, rewarding them for meeting up and making connections.

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