Endurance athletes need to be aware of the outdoor conditions before they head out the door for a workout.  Little things matter a great deal during training an racing.  Questions such as "What's the temperature?" are commonly asked, but more important questions such as "How's the air?" or "Did you remember the sunscreen?" are easily forgotten. The while running a marathon, the average marathon runner takes in as much air as the average sedentary individual does in TWO FULL days.  During the training schedule, a runner may run the equivalent of two or more marathons in a week.  That means you're taking in about FOUR extra days worth of air.  Hopefully, it's all nice and clean. Outdoor Dashboard answers all of these questions in a convenient, heads-up style screen. It gives you the information to plan your run or cycle with ease by providing the current temperature, short term forecasts, air quality, and UV exposure.  To keep you on track and motivated, it also downloads your publicly posted workouts from DailyMile and GarminConnect, giving you your total milage, time spent, and average pace for the current week.

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