It can be hard to manage all your clients, and even harder to remember their specific goals and needs.

We make it easy with outcome.

Outcome is an application for Glass that allows you to access information about a client easily and check off any objectives you want them to achieve during your meeting. The easy to use interface allows you to view client info at a glance and read more if needed. Separate tasks are represented by individual cards that can then be checked off. Safety and emergency contact info is also available for those whom have clients with allergies, disabilities, etc.

This application was designed based on the challenges Sean-Franc encountered during his 5 years as Day Habilitation trainer working with people with disabilities in Western New York. When out in the community, staff had to carry communication books, binders, and had to remember what methods and valued outcomes one particular client should be encouraged to achieve that day. Safety and behavioral concerns had to be memorized or embedded in the communication book, Outcome puts them mere swipes away, allowing staff to keep general eyes on the group or participant in question.

*This demo operates under the magical hackathon assumption that HIPAA is not being violated, though in real operation we understand that pushing client data through the Mirror API is not best practice... but Demo Gods have mercy on our app.

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