We were inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic, which distanced individuals from others, and made social events far less accessible. While socializing was always hard for many individuals, the pandemic further strained social connections, causing it to be difficult for individuals to find events, whether in-person or virtual, that they would be interested in without pre-existing social connections, therefore preventing these individuals from then creating more social connections, and making it difficult for individuals to find events they may be interested in attending. This issue was further exacerbated by the overall difficulty of organizing events, as event organizers are often restricted by their own limited social circle and a lack of funding for advertising, consequently preventing organizers from promoting their event. Current maps and event-finding applications such as Google Maps or Eventbrite also only show either events OR location, which can make it difficult for people to find events which may be within one’s interest.

What it does

Outcasts allows individuals to create and join events they may be interested in in order to allow individuals to expand their social circle,

How we built it

Before building the project, we brainstormed over it using Google Doc's, Slides. The main mode for communication was discord. We used HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, React JS, Firebase, Material-UI and Mapbox API to put together this platform.

Challenges we ran into

In our solution, we encountered a couple problems. Some of these said problems that we had faced were getting used to creating the programs with code, the API complications, such as bugs and documentation errors, and organizing code within the time given. CSS styling was a problem, but we were able to fix that easily. A couple references we had used to make it work easily were YouTube videos, the W3schools website, and Stack Overflow. Something that was useful when we were making this was planning what we wanted to do, before actually coding it. It made it more convenient, and that way we could have all of us working on our separate assignments.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the application we built and also finding a few very useful API's. We are also proud that we could use our programming knowledge to build a real world applications.

What we learned

As our team is composed of individuals who did not know each other previously, we were able to learn how to work together, as well as how to utilize online websites such as W3Schools and YouTube in order to build our application.

What's next for Outcast

Although the project can go on forever, constantly being improved, due to our time constraint, we were unable to make as many additions as we could’ve. However, some immediate improvements that we would’ve made are a filter slide for events, an option for event holders to allow a specific or selected group of people to access their event, to allow people to organize digital events through our platform, a profile tag for others to see and get to know the user, we can also add bios as an option as well as a direct messaging system. After adding our future features, we hope to have a website which allows individuals to completely create and advertise events for free, which we can do with the help of sponsors, donations, or by placing advertisements within our sites due to the expenses which will be caused by the improved APIs we would like to use in the future. We aim to create a complete website which dramatically reduces the need for strenuous advertising and coordination between organizers and attendees, in order to allow events to become more accessible to all, and to ultimately allow individuals to better interact with their community and expand their social circle to outcast loneliness.

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