To download go to the mega link provided: (Download the correspondent for WINdows or MAC here: (also below) You can play the online demo:

Here is a more compressed version for faster download (38 mb): (This is a version submitted after the deadline, please use the megaz link if you are a judge (same program, here it is just better compressed)).

USE T TO SWITCH WEAPON R TO RECHARGE (Takes some reload time)


We always wanted to create a personal video game. This hackathon provided us the opportunity and context to try so.

What it does

This is Outbreak Survivor. A 3D Third-person shooter.

You can move the character using the controls W, A, S, D shift to run, and T to switch weapons you can also aim and click to fire or use your equipment.

In an outbreak survivor, you are trying to survive the most days possible. After the first introductory flight. you will have this menu asking what you would like to do for the day. In a day you can either explore or train. Training will increase your maximum health points and exploring will help your character recollect essential survival items, like weapons and food rations. Each day will consume one ration of food. Not having food rations will make your character take 50 of penalization damage per day.

Take note that each day that passes will increase the amounts of zombies once encountered since the infected people increase exponentially. So make wise decisions and survive.

How I built it

How I built it: using Unity for the game engine, and React.js for the website

Challenges I ran into

Challenges I ran into: some computers are not meant for heavy game development Accomplishments that I'm proud of: I got to use Unity for this project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

To be our first Game Jam we are happy to see that at least is playable. Familiarizated a lot with the Unity engine. Learnt a lot of things.

What I learned

The game development process is very important, trying to squish it in 3 days seemed that its an impossible task. A lot of respect for people who are used to this kind of competition. What I learned: sometimes you can't rush the development process

Give more time to the deployment.

What's next for Outbreak Survivor

We want to balance the game mechanics for better gameplay. Add more enemies kinds and also add maps and more weapons. In the "Training section" would be great if you could choose what to train. e.g movement speed, exploration search.

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