We love,, and of course, As children of the internet, we wanted to create a niche website we'd enjoy too.

What it does

Our shelter generates very lettable cats in different environments. As you pat, the cats purr and the counter of cats you make happy goes up.

How we built it

We went to the beginning web development workshop, where two members of our team were exposed to web development for the first time. We used photoshop and illustrator to create the graphics, processing to animate them, and html/css to build the rest of our shelter.

Challenges we ran into

We had a slight learning curve with all the languages. Audio was also finicky on websites, and we had to build a mouseover function ourselves.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We used the talents of everyone on our team!

What I learned

We learned basic web development, the importance of building things within your reach (we wanted to do VR in the beginning), and how hacking for fun is just as valid as hacking for prizes.

What's next for ourshelter

We hope to add an audio component and more ways you can interact with the cats.

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