Given the shocking statistic that 15 million girls and 10 million boys do not have access to education in a physical classroom due to civil conflicts and natural disaster, our team wanted to use technology and build an app that could solve this issue by giving refugee students access to quality educational resources as they may not have access to a physical classroom learning environment. This way, refugee students can learn at their own time and their own pace on-the-go, while teachers can also maintain their students' progresses and make sure that students are monitored.

What it does:

Solving different levels of learning capabilities of refugees as their learning do not always take place in a single classroom as a class. Although their daily lives may be disrupted by conflicts, MyCheckPoint ensures that their learning progress does not get disrupted, and they can quickly pick up where they left off using our mobile application. Volunteer teachers are equipped in facilitating students' learning with MyCheckPoint's adaptive learning capability, so that students who are lagging behind can be offered differentiated and personalized help.

How we built it:

We currently have an iOS application that works on iPhones and iPads, and hope to build one for Android devices too. We are using the Facebook, Youtube, APIs and our back end is built using Python.

Challenges we ran into:

Time was a big problem for us. We started off very motivated and wanting to solve a lot of problems but one can only do so much in 24 hours and we had to narrow down our scope to what we have now.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

Our application is NOT a mock-up. It IS a working product. Any organisation can make use of our open-source software and work with this straight away. We believe that this little piece of technology that we have spent 24 hours building will be able to help people, especially girls in need in refugee countries.

What we learned:

It takes genuine commitment to make a difference in the world today. We learned to empathize with our fellow global citizens - the millions of refugee girls around the world. We would love to materialize our vision and champion this noble cause with our educational platform app.

What's next for MyCheckPoint:

-Build Android app to reach more users -Use Machine Learning to recommend next classes -Increase database of courses to support the evolving education systems around the world -Implement reviews functionality for students to provide feedback for teachers as well as content writers -Use artificial intelligence to understand user habits and better engage with the audience - perhaps a messenger bot to supplement our current idea?

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