The First Law of Geography, according to Waldo Tobler, is:

"everything is related to everything else, but near things are more related than distant things."

And the reasons we create this project lie in our daily encounters with the crimes, alerts, emergencies, notifications, police activities, etc. in the place called Los Angeles. We believe things are changing for the better, but concluding one thing with a 100% confidence level is not so useful. Map it out, analyze the space, seek for better solutions, thanks to the availability of LA open data, we're getting closer.

What it does

All the following/related information based on users' input location:

  • Nearest Support
  • Crime Risks Analysis
  • Safety Assessment

How We built it

Happy coding for bugs while producing something useful lol.

require 'highspeednetwork'
markdown ="Am I Hacking the Internet Off?")
puts markdown.to_html

_The data we used in this project originates from LA County/City Open Data and LA Times (Mapping LA). We cleaned the data using QGIS and python for geocoding purpose. Geocoding is achieved through Google Map API and corresponding columns, e.g. "Address," "City," "Zip Code." Some algorithms reinforced the data processing, e.g. "Select by location," "Attribute Join," etc. An important step relied on ArcGIS Online to visualize the crime incidents in the last 30 days as well as the locations of supporting sites with web map applications. Similar works were also done via Google my map. We chose to show our projects through the website built on for the domain and website builder! _

Challenges We ran into

  • Implementing Spatial Analysis Based on Zip Code and Coordinates of a Location
  • Data Cleaning
  • Incompatible python sad
  • Unstable Network Connection, lol
  • Big data...the raw data had 1048576 rows and 26 columns

Accomplishments that We're proud of

  • Several User-Friendly Web Applications
  • Nice Website Design
  • Finally Did Something Useful Rather Than just Stare at the Screens, Literally
  • We Managed to Get Enough Sleep Each Day (just joking, for fun)
  • Managed to obtain satisfiable data from messy raw data

What We learned

  • Using Google Map Platform & API
  • Better UI/UX Design
  • Cool Ideas Often Require More Effort

What's next for OurSaferLA

  • Real-time Feedbacks with GPS Tracking Data (with permission)
  • User-side Data Collection (voluntary help to build the LA county open database)
  • Account Registration & Emergency Contacts at 1-click
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