Loans are complex!

What it does

Lending circles - in the palm of your hands. Lending circles help participants in groups raise money for various expenses such as car down payments, debts and small-business investments. The circle consists of a group of people lending money to each other at very low or no cost. However, in light of the current pandemic or due to geographical constraints, it’s sometimes difficult to meet in groups. Using OurFund, a virtual form of lending circles, you can lend/donate/gift money to members within the group.


  • Creating/Joining circles
  • A proposal-based democratic system wherein you and your group can together form decisions for :
    • Lending some amount of money to certain member(s)
    • Purchasing, investing in stocks/real estate/donating to fundraisers
    • New member applications
  • Dedicating circles to a cause or community (eg. LGBTQIA+, Groups of people from the same locality, etc.)
  • Lend to people within the circle
  • Can be used by anyone, from self-help groups, to roommates.

How we built it

React Native, Figma, Python

Challenges we ran into

Working across three different timezones and through internet outages

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built a functional app!

What's next for OurFund

Public beta launch!

(NOTE: Check out the demo video in the below youtube links)

Built With

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