There is a lot of discrimination against certain groups of people for their culture, race, religion and etc. Young kids also are not taught much about other cultures and peoples, causing further discrimination due to what they are taught/lack of what they are taught. In the past few years, there has been a lot of movements picking up to fight against discrimination and I was inspired by movements like BLM and Stop AAPI hate to create OurCulture as an educative resource on cultures as education is one of the best ways for people to learn. Furthermore, I was inspired by my personal experience in school where I didn't learn much about other cultures. There wasn't much taught on racism and how to combat it and as a minority myself, I was greatly influenced to create an educational resource for teaching kids.

👉🏼What it does👈🏼

To combat this lack of education and discrimination, I created OurCulture as a social good website that aims to prevent discrimination of all types and a place for kids to learn more about other cultures. It is also a place where people can share their work and communicate about their experiences. It will act as an all in one service to educate people of all ages but mostly kids. ⭐️Share Padlet ⭐️Interactive stories

🛠How we built it🛠

I built this website using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I also used firebase authentication and atom for the text editor along with github pages as my server. I split up the workload between the days I had and completed each task within them.

✊🏼Challenges we ran into✊🏼

A major challenge was the time crunch that I was in when creating the project. Another challenge I ran into was the login system as I had not used firebase before and had no familiarity with it. Another challenge was trying to complete the website in time with all the components that I had envisioned. Unfortunately, I was not able to fulfill all of them but the main ones were completed. I worked by myself on this project and that posed to be the biggest challenge for me as it would've been very helpful to have feedback.

🏅Accomplishments that we're proud of🏅

I am very proud of the login system and the MyCultureform as it took the most time and effort. I had never done something like both of them before and being able to complete it was very satisfying and make me proud. I was very happy with the way the login system worked despite the struggles I faced with creating it. I am also very proud of the interaction between pages and all the resources we have for others to use for learning more about traditions and cultures. This project was mostly focused on giving back and sharing my experience so I'm very happy that I got to share some ways people could share their culture and traditions with others.

👉🏼What we learned👈🏼

I learned how to manage time and use firebase for authentication. I had never used firebase before and this was my first time using it so I had to research a lot on the process and etc. Furthermore, I learned how to manage time as a result of creating this website as I had only a couple days to create the project and was worried I wouldn't complete it all. However, I'm very happy that I got to finish as much as I can and have organized code along the way. Previously, my code was never so organized but while working on this project, I realized that the key to efficiently was creating reusable code and that means it had to be more organized.

🎯What's next for OurCulture🎯

🎯Chat room feature 🎯3 new stories + more from other people’s submissions 🎯A mobile platformer game for kids to play 🎯Do in-person meetings at local libraries and schools to directly enhance cultural education

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