Sleep can influence how your day runs and we want to help you have less to think about by planning some recommendations on what you could eat or drink to compliment your sleep pattern as recorded by OURA. We also wanted to advice you on your recommended caffine intake helping you be the most productive you can while drinking coffee from your MUKI cup.

What it does

Our webapp uses the sleep data from OURA ring and suggests how to take your morning coffee - conveniently displaying it on your MUKI cup. For nutrition it recommends on the webapp whether the day could be a "treat day" or a "try something new day" for example, based on your previous day or week averages, so that you can make small changes to improve your health and day to day efficiency.

How we built it

Using the OURA ring API we collected our rings' data to display on the webapp and use for nutritional recommendations. We focused on sleep and activity data for the nutritional recommendations, as these have the most evidence as being linked and can help change a lifestyle to promote healthier living. Instead of displaying sleep data as just another statistic we used a key of levels of smiley faces to indicate sleep quality and therefore affect recommended nutritional advice. We chose to include the data for Readiness as well as that can help the user decide whether they would be up for trying a few or all of the nutritional recommendations.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenges we ran into was combining the enitrety of our vision within the timeframe, as well as getting the MUKI API to work with our concept for the OURA nutritionist to be able to display the recommended coffee data on the cup.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Overcoming many challenges and having a product we envisioned.

What's next for OURA Nutritionist

After we have completed fully linking the MUKI cup to our coffee data, we intend to expand the nutritional advice provided by OURA Nutritionist by suggesting meal plans and integrating external recipe sites.

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