The online learning environment deprived a lot of fun experiences from the children nowadays. We want to share the games that we love with the children from this generation through Our World, to give them a chance to fulfill their childhood as we did.

What it does

An app that acts as a digital and immersive 3D world where students can safely interact in first-person view with other students in their school community, aiming to closely resemble the fun real-life experience, via avatar customization, and supplemental cognitive games/activities. This app would not only extend students’ interest in various fields/subjects but also develop life-long beneficial habits.

Challenges we ran into

Although our idea is to have a 3D and first-person world, we didn't have adequate prior skills to make that vision into a prototype; thus, we compromised and opted to prototype it in 2D using Figma.

What we learned

The Figma and Canva platforms were new to two of our teammates. It's always encouraging to learn new tools successfully, and finish our product with pride.

What's next for Our World

Ideally additional features that contribute to both immersing students and providing more access to fun yet cognitive games are the focus of our future plans. For instance, adding communication features including proximity voice chat/text chat/emotes would add an indispensable dimension of realism. Additionally, expanding avatar customization options would be refreshingly immersive, and opens up opportunities to provide premium in-app purchase options to fuel our revenue and keep the app running. We also plan to collaborate with schools to cover costs and help deploy our product to the students in need!

Built With

  • canva
  • figma
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