Seeing the spacial freedom that impress.js provides I decided to make a fairly to scale spacial model of the planets from our solar system. The steps from impress.js are used to transit between planets. Slides are clearly marked (there are also step keynotes inbetween to enchance the flyby animation). An extended substep mechanism with events is utilized combined with a more or less (needs cleanup) plugin that adds a set of ready to use animations.

Best effect I had on my computer was Firefox. Chrome had more sluggish text transitions. Unfortunately I am aware of minor clipping issues and I would look forward to comments on cross-browser solutions (contest aside). Seems like the smoothness of transitions is quite dependant on the hardware and OS.

If choppy then please watch the noscale version (there is a link at the start). It's not as grand, but far more pleasant if choppiness occurs.

*note: I know that the rotation of slides/planets looks different between chrome/firefox. I thought about making separate versions of the presentation for each, but decided that I actually like the outcome in both and that's why I didn't.

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