I realized there was a lack of resources to educate, connect, and have fun while learning about the environment and our impact as humans to destroy but also help.

What it does

Our Earth empowers users to: 1) Learn - Users can play interactive games on extinct & endangered animals, habitat destruction, and renewable energy resources and attend workshops on fun planting activities and daily sustainability practices using a built in call system 2) Connect - Users can add and view their friends once they make an account and meet new people by attending workshops on various topics 3) Take Action - At the end of games and workshops, users are given a list of petitions and resources they can utilize to continue the fight to save our planet

How we built it

I prototyped my app in Figma then built it in Android Studio

Challenges we ran into

Learning how to use Android Studio and how to code in java and koplit. I was completely new to Android Studio and using various softwares.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Creating a beautiful design on Figma
  • Finishing all the design layouts and connections in Android App Studio ## What we learned
  • More Figma features, tools, and resources
  • How to use Android Studio
  • Java
  • Koplit

What's next for Our Earth

  • Build a functional login and registration system by connecting it to a database to store user info
  • Add a jitsii API to have build in video calls
  • Finish creating the other games in the app

Built With

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