We wanted to build an application that would help out the local art community. Many people who are artists or are interested in art can use our website, Our Artistic Space, to find art museums, galleries, schools, and stores in their local area. Many people are not aware of the local art businesses in their city so our website could help people learn more about their art community which give them amazing experiences as well as the opportunity to meet with other people and artists.

What it does

Our Artistic Space is a website that shows local art businesses in a user's city or zip code. The user can input their location and have the option to search for local art museums, art galleries, art schools, or art supply stores in their area. Once a list of places have been generated, the user can go through each item in the list and learn about the name, location, and phone number of a specific place. If a user is interested in a certain place there is a button that will take them to Google maps and can give them directions to that location.

How we built it

We built this website using multiple tools. For the front-end of the website we used HTML, CSS, and used the Bootstrap library for the style and design. For the back-end of the website we used Flask, a micro web framework written in Python. We were able to retrieve the list of places based on the user's location by using the Yelp API. We deployed the website using the Google App Engine provided by the Google Cloud Platform. We were also able to give our website a unique domain name, '' by using the free domain name from provided by MLH.

Challenges we ran into

Two of our members have never done a hackathon, so it was definitely a new environment for them because of how they had to adjust to working on a team and working on a time limit. We also had a problem figuring out how to deploy the website to the Google App Engine. We have not deployed a website to the Google App Engine so we were lost on how to deploy the website on to the cloud. We also had trouble on how to connect our domain from to the Google App Engine. We also were not knowledgeable on how to collaborate on GitHub so it was a challenge to not run into any merge conflicts.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning tools such as GCP, HTML, and CSS in a matter of days. A lot of us were very unfamiliar with these tools or have not used them in a long time, so to be able to learn something in one day and beautifully execute it the next day was very rewarding. It took one of our members the whole day to deploy the app and connect the domain name, it took awhile but they were able to complete it.

What we learned

We learned how to collaborate on GitHub, since none of us have ever done a collaborative project on GitHub there was a big learning curve on how to use git and learn about pull requests. We also learned how to deploy our website through the Google Cloud Platform. We learned more about HTML and CSS.

What's next for Our Artistic Space

For our website we want to add more categories, as well as have artists display their art on our website. We also thought it would be a great feature to be able to add events on our website. Lets say if an artist was hosting an art show, they would be able to put that event on our website and other people could check it out.

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