One of the makers of the project volunteers at a long term care every week for 2 hours. He works with residents that have chronic back pain and other physical disabilities. We wanted to create a device that would reduce the chances of getting back pain from a young age because in our world of technology, even schools give students computers from when they're 7 years old.

What it does

Ouch! DeSlouch implements OpenCV machine vision functions to calculate the ratio between the user's shoulder width and face size. As the ratio decreases, the user is alerted that they are slouching through a web app making an audible tone. The user currently adds Ouch! DeSlouch to their work routine by opening a web app.

How I built it

Ouch! DeSlouch uses OpenCV, C++, React, Javascript and ReactStrap.

Challenges I ran into

Tweaking the MV to accurately detect users posture and provide reliable feedback proved challenging. The front-on view used by most users' webcams is suboptimal for this posture, but the team used stochastic testing to overcome the area and produce a robust, deployable system.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

One team member learned the basics of React over the weekend to develop the web application. Several team members had never used MV prior to this experience and uOttaHack3 proved a valuable learning experience and exposure to exciting, cutting-edge technologies.

What I learned

Team members learned React and greatly expanded our knowledge of Javascript. Two members learned a great deal about OpenCV, its implementation and limitations.

What's next for Ouch! DeSlouch

The team will continue to improve the algorithm and make the technology more reliable. An executable script that operates in the background upon start-up and works independently of the web browser is an ideal delivery option for this service that will be deployed in the future.

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