What is Ottr for?

Ottr is an all-in-one travel website that filters data from various sources and presents a user with things to do or vacations to take based on his or her specific interests. For users looking for vacations, Ottr offers full vacation deals to users based on custom criteria including origin, destination, interests, cost, and duration.

What does Ottr do?

Ottr takes data from various available APIs to produce a user interface that is clutter-free but can provide a wealth of information on demand. Using Fandango, StubHub, and Haven On Demand APIs to save events webpages and parse data for event titles and categories, Ottr is able to provide local data about movies, sporting events, community events, cultural events, and many other events. Additionally, Ottr utilizes Yelp to identify restaurants and businesses that may interest a specific user based on his or her interests.

How was Ottr made?

The web page front end was written in CSS, HTML, and Javascript. The back end written primarily in PHP and was used to read data from a collection of datasets and APIs, including Haven On Demand, Yelp, StubHub, and Jet Blue.

For most of us, this was our first time working with PHP and python, so we learned a lot about implementing various APIs using these languages.

Ottr's framework offers a plethora of opportunities for expansion, including but not limited to more events, more supported countries, more supported airlines, additional vacation travel methods, and direct ticket sales through PayPal.

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