We were inspired by classic children's popup books and our interests in augmented reality, storytelling, 3D modeling, and crafting. The story is a simplified take on both personal identity and the role of technology in society.

What it does

OAA augments a simple book to tell a more interactive story than traditional media / reading through a user's phone. Instead of pictures like a standard picture book or cutouts like a popup book, it uses digital models which can be animated and decorated in realtime. The user can make choices that affect the way the story plays out.

How we built it

We built OAA using ARCore and Unity as the digital glue + scripting, Maya and Photoshop for the art, and a variety of materials / techniques to design, make, and decorate the physical book.

Challenges we ran into

Some of the largest challenges of this project were the non-technical ones. Namely, creating a kid-friendly story and a concise narrative at the same time we get the image recognition going and well crafted scenes is a lot of work!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We wrote an entire story and created models for it over the course of a day! We got scenes to render in realtime over a physical marker and it worked. We're pretty proud of that. We also managed to create a good attention flow as we flip pages, make decisions, and more.

What we learned

We learned a lot about storytelling, book crafting, image recognition, and using visual effects for AR.

What's next for Otto's Augmented Adventure

We'd like to work on creating different stories and augmented adventures using more effects, characters, and choices. Given more time, we feel like this could be an exciting experience and less of a demo!

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