With this project, we wanted to create a solution to detect diseases in plants.

What it does

It reads an URL or uploads a file image to the website. The image will be processed to the website where the program will determine if the leave is potentially healthy or unhealthy. A new image with the rot highlighted will be generated. The results will be then displayed on the website with specific percentages and values. (percent of leaf inflicted with rot/ probability that image is of a rotting plant)

How I built it

Python, HTML, Flask, CSS, OpenCV, TensorFlow

Challenges I ran into

Working with HTML and Flask to update the generated image.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Successfully identifying a leaf that is rotten vs healthy vs not a leaf Successfully highlighting rot location on leaves.

What I learned

HTML + Flask Image Recognition

What's next for Plant Recognition

More training to recognize rot more accurately Expanding to different plants and diseases Cleaner HTML + Flask integration

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