I've worked in digital video ecommerce for years. The cable industry is unbundling and broadcasters are going direct to consumers. Benefits of blockchain include: 1. saving on payment processing fees, and platform fees (e.g. 30% to Apple) 2. distributing revenues directly to stakeholders (producers, rights owners, distributors, promoters, affiliates, partners, actors)

What it does

  1. Protects access to video content 2. collects payment from consumers 3. releases access to video content. 4. stores record in blockchain. (optionally, video stream could be watermarked with the blockchain to ID pirated streams/copies)

How I built it

Consensus2016 Hackathon, hacking front end templates from, and borrowing elements from Ujo Music.

Challenges I ran into

Rusty development skills, trouble installing lightwallet.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

buying ether in pre-sale.

What I learned


What's next for OTT Video: Protect & sell VOD content via blockchain

launch POC. complete setup of lightwallet and contract implementation. host the local site on the live web.

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