We are

Angelina Gasharova, Arlyn Miles, and Anna Tselikova from pod 1.1.0,

a.k.a. team AAA

You are

A gamer, a fellow, a judge, someone who's just taking a look, or all of these maybe!

And this is...



Games are competitive. Games are challenging! Games are exciting... But the stress this causes deprives you of your sleep, especially as most of us play in the evening. Why have to choose between games and good rest? We say lets do both!

What it does

Otlas is a 2020, endless runner, multiplatform, 2D video game by the AAA team (Anna, Angelina and Arlyn). The player jumps and works towards competitive high scores.

The Otlas essentials pack consists of:

  • Calm music to help you and sheep fall asleep
  • Fabulous backgrounds with a cosy atmosphere
  • Peaceful moving speed recalculating itself based on your sleeping needs

On top of that, Otlas supports basically every environment and operating system - because of our use of the Unity Engine, the game is exportable to iOS, Android, Windows Apps, WebGL, PlayStation and Xbox, making it easy to play wherever you feel comfortable the most.

How we built it

We used Unity 2D's platformer microgame engine.

Gaming is entertainment. And in that industry, not everything can be open-sourced.

Instead of Github we used Unity Teams Advanced, which has significant advantages when it comes to working in Unity:

  • Cloud storage.
  • Continuous integration tools. (Cloud build)
  • Version control system (Unity Collab) with commits, pulls, pushes, etc.
  • Easy integration with file diff tools of your choice

Of course, we also wanted to show the commit history, so we wrote a small JS bot to fetch that from our project-specific Unity dashboard: see commit history here

Our Trello Kanban-based board

Challenges we ran into

Github integration doesnt work.

Before starting to use Unity Teams, we tried that. Scratch everything you've been told about this package. Github's Unity git UI simply doesnt work. Having your whole Unity crash because you're pushing to a branch which doesnt exist on the remote, with no opportunity to add it there in the first place can only mean that.

Unity's learning curve made it twice as hard.

Its steepness is very high, especially in the beginning, and none of us has ever worked with Unity before. We didn't really find a workaround: we had to combat our way through (and basically up).

We were physically exhausted towards the end.

Our pod is only part-time, but we worked full-time on Otlas. Given that we're all students in university, two of us are doing driving practice, and of course we needed some leisure time, it was hard to finish - but we did manage to, flawlessly!

What's next for Otlas

We're open to the feedback given by the judges, our pod teammates and the rest of the fellows. We really want to expand the game by adding additional levels and backgrounds as well as making the gameplay perfect. There is also the opportunity to add more player mechanics and to make the sheep sprite fully animated, for which we'll need an animator/designer.

Thanks for reading!

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