Ever had to go through pages and hours of movie reviews? Ever had to struggle to realize if some news is biased? Ever had to make a very tough choice of whether or not to buy that altcoin that has been spreading like wildfire? The ever-varying opinion of the world which shapes our day-to-day decisions made us rethink how we perceive and let those opinions affect us led to this small, easy-to-use tool, OTGTweetAnalysis.

What it does

The OTGTweetAnalysis lets you text a screen name and the number of recent tweets you want to analyze and texts you back the public sentiment of the tweeter's recent tweets.

How we built it

Python was the primary language, the message processing application was built with a bit of Flask and Python. Thanks to Twitter APIs and Twilio, we were able to seamlessly get the tweets, analyze them, and text back the result of the sentiment analysis.

Challenges we ran into

Setting up Twilio was a bit of a hassle initially, but once we figured it out, it looked like one of the most beautiful APIs ever built.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Personally, this is my longest code in Python and my first Flask application. The team enjoyed working with Twilio APIs as well.

What we learned

Well, what the world thinks doesn't matter, that's the first lesson. We also learnt and enjoyed building simple Flask apps, integrated with Twilio.

What's next for OTGTweetAnalysis

We can extend this model to analyse tweets based on keywords rather than a particular user's recent tweets and also Twilio supports voice calls (yayyyyyyy!!!) which can be leveraged as well.

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