What is Osu!Boost?

Osu!Boost is a bot that plays osu!mania songs perfectly or near-perfectly. It has support for 4 key songs, with reliable 5 and 7 key support coming soon.

How does it work?

Osu!Boost plays like a human. Unlike other bots that analyze song files to produce perfect plays ahead of time, Osu!Boost looks at notes falling in real-time to determine what keys to press and when.

Specifically, Osu!Boost uses a specially colored skin to distinguish between normal and sustained notes. All it really "sees" is 4, 5, or 7 pixels, depending on the play mode. This is all the information it needs to determine when to send keystrokes, handled by Java's Robot library.

How to use Osu!Boost

  1. Don't sign in or play ranked maps. You might get banned. Don't be evil.
  2. Use the skin located in skin/osu!Boost_skin.osk
  3. Modify your osu! settings to the following:
Setting Value
Frame Limiter Unlimited
Fullscreen Mode Off
Resolution Borderless
Letterboxing Off
Background video Off
Combo bursts Off
Parallax Off
Background dim Max
Scale with BPM Off
(in-game) Scroll speed 12
  1. Navigate to the osu!mania song you'd like to play. Alt-tab to Osu!Boost.
  2. Modify your Osu!Boost settings (resolution, keys) as needed. Hit apply.
  3. Hit start, then alt-tab back to the game. Start the beatmap and watch the magic happen.
  4. Hit stop when finished.

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