Sometimes I feel down and when I browse Reddit and see cute dogs and cats, I feel better so I wanted to share it with others on twitter.

What it does

It uses Reddit API with help from praw library to grab the hottest submissions from r/aww. Then, using twitter API it uploads it and tweets it with this account ( on a daily schedule. Also every hour it follows followers and replies to their tweet if it senses sadness in it by recognizing a :( face

How I built it

researching the web and with sweat and tears

Challenges I ran into

I struggled with setting up the APIs as I had no experience Also, Twitter limits the number requests the API can do in an hour which was discouraging.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I happy it works, it could be better, but it works and that I'm satisfied I actually made something.

What I learned

APIs can be very useful and have a lot of possibilities.

What's next for positive twitter bot

post cute and wholesome videos and memes

Built With

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