About ✨

Oshen is a cross-platform web app that provides a place where people can discover new parts of the world, thus connecting them closer with the miracle of nature.

Inspiration 🌊

In the fast pace of our current lifestyles, we tend to forget to take a break and realize the various wonders of the world around us.

What it does 🐚

Oshen aims to provide an immersive experience, giving users the optimal visualization of the desired site. The main focus of our app will be to highlight the beauty of our world to create global awareness and budding green thumbs!

How we built it ⚙️

Oshen is built using the no-code application Microsoft Power apps as well as using Google maps platforms APIs such as Map Static API and Geocoding API.

Challenges we ran into 🐬

As we are new to the Google cloud console and APIs, to overcome the knowledge gap and come up with a functional app was the major challenge of this hackathon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of 🍃

Despite the challenges faced while making the app, the final outcome was rewarding as we learnt a lot during the process and are proud to see our idea executed.

What we learned 🚢

This hackathon provided us with the opportunity to discover the various Google Maps APIs and map customisation. This served as the foundation of evolving ideas for projects we aim to go through in the near future.

What's next for Oshen 🌏

In the future we aim that Oshen will provide greater insight into water bodies across the globe by providing statistics, sourced from highly accurate data reserves as well as our own AI models. Users can also contribute to Oshen by interactive features like, sharing and verifying facts about a particular water body via pictures, short questionnaires, etc. and exploring fellow contributors’ reviews. The main focus of our app will be to highlight pollution statistics of water bodies to create awareness on the world's most important natural resource. We also aim to expand our vision into the touristic domain where we can potentially build revenue models for higher research and development of Oshen.

Thank You 🐠

Built With

  • figma
  • geocoding-api
  • google-map-platform
  • map-static-api
  • microsoft-power-app
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