Oscar noun | Os·car | \ˈäs-kər\

1: a green, furred, nose-less being who lives in a garbage can on the south side of Sesame Street

2: a hard-shelled smart scale which records outgoing trash quantities who lives in the garbage cans of house-owning residents of America


Oscar is a hardware solution to encouraging middle-class Americans to sorting their trash. Oscar measures the amount of garbage in his designated can whenever it is emptied. He sends that data to a blockchain database, where an active record of the user's categorized trash output is created.

So what can you do with that data?

A multitude of things. We focused on creating a connection between the municipality and the citizen. We designed a dashboard accessible to energy companies, where they can see the trash output of each citizen who they provide power to. With this, citizens can be rewarded for their sorting through deductions on their energy bill, or an Oscar discount. This adds a direct correlation between the user's trash output and their direct environment, paralleling with the user's trash output and the global environment.

With this encouragement, we can remove more from landfills, provide more recyclable materials for manufacturing and renewable energy, and make the average American more conscious of their direct impact on the environment.

Made at IDEO CoLab Makeathon Fall 2016 _ Created for problem set: Use Bloackchain to solve a problem in Energy _

Built With

  • cardboard
  • design-thinking
  • heart
  • trash
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