Having a car and interested in sharing your ride with other people near you?! Do you commute to your work everyday or home every weekend and don't have a car?! Do you want to emit less pollution and save more money on gas?! I gotta tell ya something! RideShare is there for you!

RideShare is a car sharing mobile app that helps you find other people near to you who are looking for carpooling. RideShare asks you for your trip's source and destination and matches people who are going to places near your trip's route. It has a cost calculator that breaks down the trip cost according to the number of your seats occupants. It's friendly, easy and convenient! What if I couldn't find a nearby service?! RideShare ain't gonna leave ya alone! If no close services are found, it offers you nearby Uber taxi services, thus getting to your destination is almost guaranteed too, with Rideshare!

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