Often times when working on your computer, we experience system crashes and instabilities. Other times, we might find it easier to start from scratch instead of fixing a broken install. As programmers, we often find ourselves installing new programs, editing our bash scripts, and mapping custom keybinds and shortcuts. All of these individual and customized settings mean that it can take a long time to bring a fresh install back to the way you like it. This is where PogOS comes in.

What it does

PogOS creates a quick and simple way to restore your applications and application settings back to the way you had them. Instead of installing each application and changing the settings one at a time. PogOS also gives you quick and easy revisioning for your settings and keybinds, so you can restore a set of earlier keybinds if you find out that something new isn't working.

What does PogOS run on?

PogOS runs inside a webserver. When the user asks to image or restore an image, a python daemon is run via flask to send to or retrieve from a git remote.

What's next for PogOS

We're excited to introduce PogOS, and as we continue to add updates, we hope to improve OS support and add functionalities for documents and external repositories as well. With improved compatibility and functionality, we hope that our product serves as the solution to installation, backup, and restoring tasks taken on by programmers in technology companies or the information technology (IT) sector.

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