It is particullarly necessary for us Hackers to keep track of the new tendencies that appear every day. Unfortunatelly due to our jobs and live routines it is not always easy to accomplish this task. Is due to this circumstances that the idea of Orus was born

What it does

Orus is a facebook chat bot wich, after collecting data from your favourite websites, is able to analyze it, present you with a sorted list of the most popular subjects that are being mentioned and, on you demand, show you a summary of what is beig said about them.

How we built it

Most part of the code is based on Python but we have used different frameworks and libraries such as flask and pyelasticsearch. We have used an elasticsearch database in order to build an efficient and fast data accessing system, we have also made use of open source and personal algorithms in order to collect and analyze the data.

Challenges we ran into

We attempted, and eventualy succeded, to use an api to analyze the positive or negative correlation linked to the subjects commented on the analyzed data. Unfortunatelly we found that the language used in all the studied texts wast too formal and objective as to classify like positive or negative and turned out to be mostly neutral. Therefore we decided to not implement this option considering it redundant and not user friendly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to accomplish our primary goal that being the data segmentation and summarization of freely accessible data and finally the presentation of this compactified data to the user. We are convinced on the usefullness of our project and we consider it to be helpfull for a very wide range of people, not to mention that it is very user friendly.

What we learned

We learned to use flask, facebook chat API, webpage data collection and various algorithms for data anlysis. We also confirmed that by working in an addecuate ambient such as the one we where able to find in HackUPC one can not only learn and work in a faster and more effecient way but have fun while doing it.

What's next for Orus: Easy and fast way to keep you updated

Expand the number of webpages Orus can access to. Allow the user to decide what webpages Orus should extract information from. Allow the user to ask Orus to send to send automatically new information when updated. Implement all suggestions that the users should find interesting and send us through our suggestions box.

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