We were all rejected by NASA. So we though let's bring the space race HERE.

What it does

Join this immersive experience and live in denial that you never qualified for going to space.

How I built it

4 Steps in How to Fulfill your dreams of going to Space on Earth 1) Created Space Shooter game in Unity3D using C# 2) Spend too many hours mapping your controls to a Leap Controller using the Orion SDK 3) Wander in hopes of finding hardware good enough to set up an Occulus Rift 4) Connect it all together and achieve your dreams

Challenges I ran into

All of the SDKs with the hardware were the latest version and had very little documentation. Any previous tutorials or reference projects were depreciated and the reliability of consistent hardware performance was sometimes not so good.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

WE CREATED AN IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE. One that was pretty responsive, pretty intuitive and the basis of a really fun game. With none of us having previous experience with Leap or even working with each other, we banned together, didn't give up and created something awesome.

What I learned

None of the monitors within this building are above 60Hz. How to track ones hand via LEAP and integrate that into Unity, was pretty simple at the end of the day. Keeping up with new releases of SDKs and other technologies is frustrating as it is exciting. Also eating more than 4 pieces of Awake chocolate can make the world really jitter without the using an Occulus on 60Hz.

What's next for Orion Space Shooter

More ships, more enemies, more levels & PvP.

Built With

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