Analytics, whether they be through surveys or services like Google or Mixpanel only go so far in helping content creators understand the needs and interests of their users. This is where Orion Data comes in. We tried to envision a platform that benefits everyone who uses it and came up with a solution that does just that.

What it does

Orion Data provides a youtube-like experience for viewers on the platform and after gaining permission to the user's webcam can begin conducting real-time demographic and sentiment analysis on how the user feels while watching a video. If overall positive emotions are detected, then a user is showed videos similar to the one they are currently watching. If overall negative emotions are displayed, similar videos are not recommended. On the other side of this, the content creator can see both detected demographics of the user (ie approx age, race etc) but with additional metrics showing them when and where people enjoyed or did not enjoy their content.

How we built it

This is a purely frontend application build on ReactJS with Redux. Services used include Microsoft Azure Face API, Clarifai, youtube API, Firebase etc.

Challenges we ran into

The platform is pretty substantially featured, so it was difficult to get everything to work well together and with only two coders lots of hours were needed!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are quite proud that we were able to pull it off and hope that others can draw inspiration and potentially practical value from this project!

What's next for Orion Data

Further applications for Orion data could be large-scale events where monitoring group sentiment could greatly increase ROI.

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